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An appearance  on the  first page of Google , Bing or Yahoo, is much closer then you expect!!

Welcome on my website,  my name is Ton Mooy, i have 16 years experience with websites, internet and how websites can be found on the internet. Do you wish your website to appear on the first page of the search engines? Then I am the right person to talk to!!

Your website on Google’s first page?

After – a free – analyses of your website, we are going to discuss, on how to improve the perfomance of your site,

Better performance is often realised by adjustments of the content of your site, together with the description and the keywords of your site. This accoording to the requirements of the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo!

As a result of the analyses, I can tell if the “metatags” of your site are availlable for the search engines Robots.

Often I advise to create a linksite to your website. A link site is an extension to your domain showing links to other websites whom in return provide a back link to your site. This improves the findability in the search engines. As a webmaster I have access to over 30 websites and as such I can create 30 plus back links to your site. Read more about link sites

After performing the improvements to your website, your site will be (re)submitted to the major search engines in order to update the changes which have been made to your site.

Results of the optizing are often visable within days. The complete results are mostly seen in a period of two to three weeks!

I have experience with programs like: Dreamweaver, WordPress, Joomla and Pharmeon dashboards, as well as webshops.

I have realised  an appearance on the first site of Google, for the site www.staalwijktandarts.nl – Tandartspraktijk Utrecht – (Dutch for: dental practise Utrecht) by using the keywords: “tandartspraktijk Utrecht” or “tandarts Utrecht”. You could check for yourself!

I received a request from Dutch dentist R.C. van der Lugt, to adjust his website: www.tandartsvanderlugt.nl in order to be better found on the following keywords: “tandartspraktijk Rivierenbuurt” and “tandarts Rivierenbuurt Amsterdam” in less then 3 weeks his website was appearing on the first page of Google. De site is making use of a dashboard from Pharmeon BV.

Trailer rental company www.polderkar.nl wanted only one thing, to be found on two keywords: bagagewagen huren (trailer rental) the site is on the first page of Google.nl for already two years!

It is remarkable that sites optimized by my self are often having more search results on the First page on Google.

Over the years, I have realised a first page appearance on Google for many of my customers.

Your website on the first page of Google? contact me NOW for  FREE analyses

After free analyses of your site, We will discuss with you on how to increase the findability of your site and on how your prospect costumers can find your site better.


Ton Mooy phone: + 31 6 15 189 209 or + 31 6 17 040 393  Email: info@first-page-google.nl

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